Seven up

Seven Up

Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling are very romantic… but extremely massive. With my design I wanted to keep the nostalgia, but give it a light touch. In order to get rid of the heaviness, I stuck to the essence of a chandelier. I used the electricity cables as the central structure. Bundled, they form the central core that descends from the ceiling. Then they branch off into seven arms. At their end they hold 5 watt light bulbs mounted on fittings.Fine steel cables attached to a light structure lift the arms, giving them the typical form of the classic chandelier. Its construction is so light that it moves when there is a draft in the house. In this way it creates an interesting shadow play.

Size: 1150mm x 1050mm x 1050mm

Material: Stainless steel; light bulbs, electricity cables

Year: 2007